Nylon 66 release cloth

Main characteristics of tool steel: it has high hardness and can keep high hardness and red hardness under high temperature, as well as high wear resistance and appropriate toughness. &General classification: carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel and high speed tool steel. &Application fields: manufacturing cutting tools, measuring tools, molds, wear-resistant tools and other technological processes


This product is made of high strength PA66 filament. It is strictly rinsed and heat set. It is clean and free of contaminants. It has good tear resistance and high temperature stability. It can significantly improve the shear force of structural bonding (resin matrix composites and honeycomb or foam or light wood sandwich), and is easy for subsequent spray painting. It has excellent demoulding. Widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding and wind turbine blade manufacturing composite forming process!

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Composition and content

100% nylon 66Width of clothBelow 180cm can be cut as needed
Specifications19x15/210DorganizationPlain, twill
Meridional tensionMore than 300N / cmZonal tensionGreater than 270 n / cm
Thickness0.01mmweight85-105 g / m2
High temperature resistance230℃

Polyester release cloth, carbon fiber composite, vacuum bag film