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Do you know why UAVs use carbon fiber composites?

2021-01-22 11:49:02 admin 38

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a kind of unmanned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and self-contained program control device, or operated by on-board computer completely or intermittently.

UAV can be divided into military and civil according to its application field. In military, UAVs are divided into reconnaissance aircraft and target aircraft. For civil use, UAV + industry application is the real rigid demand of UAV;

At present, the application in aerial photography, agriculture, plant protection, micro self photography, express transportation, disaster rescue, wildlife observation, infectious disease monitoring, surveying and mapping, news reporting, power inspection, disaster relief, film and television shooting, manufacturing romance and other fields has greatly expanded the use of UAV itself, and developed countries are also actively expanding the industry application and development of UAV technology.


Long endurance: carbon fiber has the characteristics of ultra light weight, and the carbon fiber UAV frame made of carbon fiber is very light, which has longer endurance compared with other UAVs; strong firmness: the compressive strength of carbon fiber is more than 3500mp, and has the characteristics of high strength. The carbon fiber UAV made of carbon fiber has strong fall resistance and strong compression ability.


Easy to assemble and disassemble: the structure of carbon fiber multi rotor unmanned frame is simple, and it is connected by aluminum columns and bolts, which makes it extremely convenient to arrange in the process of component installation; it can be assembled anytime and anywhere, and it is easy to carry; it is very convenient to use; and it uses aviation aluminum columns and bolts, which has strong firmness. Good stability: the pan tilt of multi rotor carbon fiber UAV frame made of carbon fiber has the effect of shock absorption and stability enhancement, which can counteract the influence of fuselage shaking or vibration. The combination of good damping ball and pan tilt plate can effectively increase the stability and reduce the shock absorption, so as to fly smoothly in the air; safety: the carbon fiber multi rotor UAV frame can ensure a higher safety factor because the power is dispersed to multiple arms; in flight, it can achieve force balance, easy to control, automatic hovering, so that it can fly according to the desired path and avoid sudden descent It can cause damage.