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The application significance of flame retardancy of carbon fiber composites was introduced

2021-01-22 11:51:26 admin 27

Carbon fiber composite is a new generation of structural materials with the characteristics of light weight and high strength. It has a good application in automobile, aerospace, Industrial Rail Transit and other fields. However, the most common epoxy resin in carbon fiber composite has the biggest shortcomings of poor high temperature resistance and low ignition point. Therefore, the application of carbon fiber composite is limited, which makes carbon fiber composite difficult It can not only improve the safety of products, but also broaden the application limitations of carbon fiber in the future.

As a new lightweight material rather than traditional metal, carbon fiber composites are usually used in high working strength or poor natural environment.

The properties of carbon fiber composites, such as almost zero coefficient of linear expansion and good corrosion resistance, have obvious application advantages.

However, the practical application of carbon fiber composites is not plain sailing. Similarly, in automobile, high-speed rail and other manufacturing fields, there is a great demand for carbon fiber composite materials. One of the important requirements of carbon fiber composite structural products is that all kinds of accidents may be encountered during high-speed driving, including collision, friction and fire. The products must be able to maintain a high ignition point, and will not release harmful substances that pose a threat to passengers Gas and smoke.


Therefore, the carbon fiber composites which can withstand higher temperature and higher safety have become the necessity of the market. The main factor limiting the high temperature properties of composites is matrix resin. In order to make the composites have certain flame retardancy, there are two common methods. One is to use bismaleamide resin as the matrix material, but the toughness and impact resistance of the resin are poor. The other is to add the corresponding flame retardant in the original composites. Although there are many kinds of flame retardants in the market, the specific application effect and use conditions of each flame retardant are different, and the factors considered are relatively complex. The research on carbon fiber composites in Suzhou area has a long history, and many achievements have been made in modified carbon fiber composites and thermoplastic carbon fiber.

It is said that the so-called flame retardant does not mean that the material is not flammable, but it needs to maintain the corresponding strength for a certain period of time under the open fire at the specified temperature. Its burning speed is lower than that of the formula, and the combustion products are non-toxic. The latest "Renaissance" in the body structure. The high-speed railway EMU adopts the carbon fiber composite material with fire resistance performance, which ensures the lightweight requirements of the carbon fiber composite material body, and the flame retardant performance also ensures the safety of passengers in the body, maximizes the occurrence and harm of fire, and improves the overall safety of the body. When the safety of carbon fiber composites under open fire and high temperature reaches or approaches the level of metal materials, the application field of carbon fiber composites will be further expanded. In some areas where light weight is required, carbon fiber composites cannot be used due to temperature limitations. This concern will also be removed, which will facilitate the application and promotion of carbon fiber composites in the market.