A brief introduction to the manufacture of vacuum bag film

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For good mechanical toughness, good elongation can be maintained, and the best aging life in plastics is the minimum surface tension in solid materials, without adhering to any substance. The reinforcing layer is made of polytetrafluoroethylene film.

Polyester release cloth, carbon fiber composite, vacuum bag film

The utility model relates to a vacuum tank injection structure for preventing air leakage of a wind turbine blade, a silica gel gasket is laid between the guide net and the vacuum bag film, the demoulding cloth includes a first demoulding cloth and a second demoulding cloth, a polyester fiber layer with elastic recovery capability is arranged between the first demoulding cloth and the second demoulding cloth, and the outer surface of the mica base is covered with a silica gel layer vacuum bag The film includes the first vacuum film and the second vacuum film. A reinforcing layer is arranged between the first vacuum film and the second vacuum film. The reinforcing layer is made of a number of longitude and weft lines, which are woven vertically and crosswise. It provides silica gel gasket, which is twice the thickness of the vacuum bag film. Silica gel gasket has a very strong tensile and puncture resistance ability, and is made into a thin film. It is used with the vacuum bag film as an auxiliary material in the early stage of the blade In the process of setting, before laying the vacuum bag membrane, lay the silica gel gasket first, and then lay the vacuum bag membrane. The vacuum bag membrane can be repeatedly applied, which can save cost and avoid air leakage.