Composite materials made of carbon fiber NCF fabric for fan blades

2020-03-18 10:33:04 admin 1

In the field of wind power generation, the composite material made of carbon fiber NCF fabric is the main component of wind turbine blade. The composite fan blade made of carbon fiber NCF fabric has the advantages of light weight, high strength and good rigidity, which has been widely used in various wind farms.

Polyester release cloth, carbon fiber composite, vacuum bag film

The composite material made of carbon fiber NCF fabric has the properties of high strength, high modulus, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance. It can effectively improve the rigidity of the blade, reduce the weight of the blade, increase the service life of the blade, improve the utilization rate of wind energy, and meet the requirements of developing large-scale, lightweight, high-performance and low-cost power generation blades. The latest design requires 1203 "wind stems", each 60 meters high, with a concrete base with a diameter of 11-22 meters and a top diameter of only 5 cm. It is made of carbon fiber and reinforced with resin. The diameter of the bottom of the stem like carbon fiber is about 0.33m. For the wind stem, when they are compressed by the swing wind flow, an electric current is formed.

With the wide application of large bundle carbon fiber and the decreasing price of carbon fiber, the application of carbon fiber in large blades has become a trend. In the manufacturing of wind turbine blades in the future, carbon fiber will be used instead of part of glass fiber in the blades, and the consumption will gradually increase, which is the inevitable result of the development of composite materials made of carbon fiber NCF fabric.