What are the functions of unidirectional permeable membrane?

2021-01-25 09:33:56 admin 0

In the current industrial field, there are a lot of equipment, which brings a lot of convenience to the industrial field, and these equipment play a great role. Some equipment needs to be waterproof and breathable, otherwise the gas generated inside can not be released and accumulated inside the equipment, which may cause equipment failure and affect normal use. How to solve it, you can use one-way permeable membrane to solve, permeable membrane plays a very big role in the industrial field, so it is widely used in the industrial field. Due to the many functions of porous film, porous film has been widely used. So, what are the functions of this kind of permeable membrane?

The function of unidirectional gas permeable membrane is as follows

1、 Ventilation:

A lot of equipment because the ventilation work is not done well, the basic life has been affected to a certain extent. But you don't have to worry about this problem when you use the air permeable membrane, because the air permeable membrane can effectively ventilate and prolong the service life of the equipment, and there won't be some bad problems.

2、 Waterproof:

To some extent, the permeable membrane also has the function of waterproof, so the permeable membrane is widely used in the industrial field. Because this kind of permeable membrane is waterproof, the service life of the equipment is very long. So, it's good to use breathable film in industry.


3、 Dust proof:

Unidirectional permeable membrane can not only effectively ventilate and waterproof, but also effectively balance the pressure, and can also play a good dust-proof effect. This kind of permeable membrane design can block the entrance of dust, block the dust outside, and ensure that the interior of the equipment is not disturbed by dust, so the effect of the permeable membrane dust prevention is very good.

In fact, there are many functions of air permeable membrane, and the above three functions are only the most basic. Because the effect of air permeability, waterproof and dustproof is very good, so the use of this kind of air permeability film can be seen in many fields of industry.